Every event producer wants three things from their speakers. I call it the VIP formula. #1- Value for their audience #2- Intertainment ™ #3- Profits. V.I.P. And that’s what you’ll receive when you book Chasen Chess for your upcoming event.

Value – You want your audience to return home smarter than they came. You want them to have received great Value for their time and money investment. You want to increase your Raving Fans so they’ll come back over and over again to your events and continue to buy your programs and courses for years to come. That happens when you hire Chasen Chess as you keynote speaker.

Intertainment ™ – Chasen coined the word “intertainment ™” back in 1995 when he was speaking to a large group of real estate agents in San Jose, Ca. Intertainment ™ means that the content Chasen provides comes from the heart and is transparently authentic. It comes from the INside, the heart side. Chasen wants your audience to take his stories to heart so they return home knowing their lives have been changed forever. INtertainment is a combination of inner-heart content and entertainment. Chasen will have your people laughing and crying as he changes their lives forever.

Profits – Many event producers create opportunities for the audience to purchase products and services from the speakers. Chasen formats his talks with YOU in mind. When you profit, he profits. He has programs that include 1) 1 on 1 Coaching 2) Zoom Monthly Group coaching 3) 3 Day Small Group Retreats 4) One day Individual retreats 5) Marketing Action Plan 6) Pick My Brain Hourly Coaching 7) Book Sales (The MILLIONAIRE MARKETING WHISPERER- published in summer 2022) 8) Individual online courses like Rainmaking with Realtors ™, Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Investors and NLP Selling And Negotiations For Real Estate Investors.

For further information on booking Chasen Chess for your next event, email him at Chasen@ChasenChess.com to set up a call to discuss your needs.