Imagine this… You’re sitting at a seller’s kitchen table discussing the purchase of their home. The sellers have interviewed 3 other investors and you’re ready to present your purchase program and why they should work with you instead of your competition. The first thing you do is pull out your NAOCREI certification and hand them both a copy to hold as you say – “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, you mentioned that you’ve interviewed 3 other investors about buying your home. Let me ask you, did any of them have the prestigious National Association Of Certified Real Estate Investors graduate certification? It’s what you’re holding in your hands right now.”

“Just like the accounting and financial services business, the best-of-the-best aren’t just accountants or financial planners. Smart people want to work with those that hold the CFP or CPA – Certified Financial Planner or Certified Public Accountant designations. These premier professionals have taken all the advanced education classes required to pass the very demanding final exam and earn these prestigious graduate certificates. My NAOCREI certificate is the same thing, but for professional real estate investors. And the most important part of it is that everyone has to pass the thorough ETHICS course to ensure they treat all parties in a fair and ethical manner. Did any of the other investors have this NAOCREI certification? No? Really? Well, that’s something you should seriously consider when making your decision on who you’re going to work with. Let me tell you a little bit about NAOCREIs rigorous standards to earn the certification?”

Every RE investor is looking for a powerful edge to keep one step ahead of the competition. Now, real estate investors across the country have the opportunity to outsmart the competition by earning the prestigious NAOCREI certification which raises them heads above other local investors.

Like the used car sales business, the RE flipping industry has been tarnished by unscrupulous and underhanded RE investors who give the real estate investing industry a shadowy reputation. With no ethics oversight, naïve home sellers have been taken advantage of by these unethical RE investors for decades.

Every day across America, thousands of RE investors are looking for motivated sellers that need to sell their homes quickly and for a discounted price. Yes, this is a business, and every investor wants to make as much money as possible on a flip or wholesale/assignment deal, but there is a fine line between making good money and robbing people of their home equity. Too often, in all industries, money takes precedent over ethics. It’s sad.

This is why founder and CEO, Chasen Chess created NAOCREI, the National Association Of Certified Real Estate Investors. His goal is to create the educational platform to help ambitious entrepreneurs enter the real estate investing field while emphasizing a vital aspect of the formula that’s been missing… ETHICS.

Every seller wants to trust the individual they meet with to sell their house. Yet with no organization overseeing the type of individuals that work the RE investing business, its like driving blind for the unwary sellers. They are vulnerable to shady RE investors.

Just like the realtor business was back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, no organization oversaw the actions and ethics of agents. It was the wild, wild west. In 1908, the National Association of Realtors was established and in 1913, they incorporated their first Ethics standards. This summer Chasen Chess launches NAOCREI, the National Association Of Certified Real Estate Investors which emphasizes Ethics as a core component of its creed.

When sellers visit with a RE investor that is certified through NAOCREI, they can rest assured they’re dealing with someone that is not going to rob them blind and take every last penny they can in the sales transaction. When Ethics is the core theme in an organization, then the public can breathe easier when they interact with a NAOCREI certified investor.

It’s a win-win situation. When a NAOCREI certified graduate interviews with a seller and explains the rigid standards and education it takes to become a certified NAOCREI graduate, these smart investors will have a huge advantage over other investors that aren’t NAOCREI certified. It’s all about trust. Trust from an ethical perspective and trust from knowing that a seller’s dealing with someone that has graduated from the NAOCREI certification program whose educational training puts them in the top 5% of education programs for RE investors. The seller wants to Know, Like and Trust the investor so when they meet with a certified NAOCREI graduate, they’ll feel more comfortable and trusting. The major advantage to the investor is the sellers are much more likely to work you instead of your competition. The ethics and education puts you heads above your competitors.

The NAOCREI certification program is similar to the rigid CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) process. All three have very sophisticated educational and testing processes and they all emphasize ethics.

The NAOCREI certification program is an 8-week course that takes you through every aspect of real estate investing from A-Z. Each week, you’ll receive new course videos, a study book and a workbook that will clearly and concisely walk you through an easy-to-understand explanation of all the topics seen below.

Just like a CPA or CFP, once you complete this certification program, you’ll know more than 95% of the other investors muddling their way around the RE investing business. You will have the most powerful competitive advantage in the business. The NAOCREI graduate certificate.

Below are the topics that are covered in the NAOCREI education program.

  • *Business Plan Creation and Implementation
  • *Mindset Mastery
  • *Ethics
  • *Marketing – Online and Offline
  • *Financing
  • *Business organization
  • *Sales Skills
  • *Delegation
  • *Hiring your VAs (Virtual Assistants) and local staff
  • *Contracts
  • *Copywriting
  • *Scope of Work
  • *Realtors
  • *Exit Strategies
  • *Probates
  • *1031 Tax Deferred Exchange
  • *Advertising
  • *Permits and Codes
  • *Land Development & New Construction
  • *Pop Tops (adding 2nd floors to single story homes)
  • *Scaling Your Business
  • *Taxes and Accounting
  • *Creating offers that work
  • *Wholesaling
  • *Rentals
  • *Leasing
  • *Property Management
  • *Rehab Cost Analysis
  • *Asset Protection
  • *Inspectors and Inspections
  • *Networking
  • *Time Blocking & Time management
  • *Lead Generation
  • *Acquisition
  • *Commercial Real Estate
  • *Personality Profiling
  • *CRMs and Follow Up
  • *Work Ethic
  • *Leveraging
  • *Elevator Pitch
  • *401K & Home Equity Borrowing
  • *Financial Planning
  • *Contractors
  • *‘Subject To’ Buying
  • *Seller Financing
  • *Business Operations
  • *Partnering
  • *Leadership Training
  • *Retirement
  • *Legacy Building

Tony Robbins once said, “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Find someone else that’s been making wheels for decades and learn from them.”

If you want the #1 way to learn the real estate investing business and earn the NAOCREI certification designation, then you want to register on the link below. Get it before your competitors do!

The NAOCREI certification program is currently in a pre-launch, beta phase. It will be launched in the Fall of 2022. If you want to be the first in your area to earn this prestigious certification that will help blow your competitors out of the water, complete the above registration box. You’ll be put on the waiting list so when we launch, you’ll be in the first class.

When we launch, you’ll be notified of its ACTIVE status and can begin your journey in the highly lucrative real estate business with confidence and courage.

Pricing on the certification program has not been finalized yet. It will be announced during the launch phase this fall. When we do, the smart individuals will analyze it from an ROI perspective. With the average flip profit in America between $25,000- $100,000 depending on your location, the investment for this program will seem like peanuts. With real estate investing having no income ceiling and the ability to become a millionaire when one has the right education (and certification) it’s no wonder RE investing is a great business to be in.

As more and more people jump into the RE investing business, you’re going to need every advantage possible to succeed. Between the powerful training and your NAOCREI certification, you’ll have every advantage possible to succeed in this competitive business and blow away your competition.

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