The Biggest Real Estate Investor Summit of Fall 2022!

Are you ready to join some of the smartest and most talented Real Estate Investors in America so you can 2X, 5X and even 10X your real estate investing business? Grab you cell phone and type in the dates October 18-20 right now. It’s FREE! Chasen Chess, Founder and CEO at REI Marketing Success and NAOCREI- the National Association Of Certified Real Estate Investors is inviting you to register now so you can take advantage of the incredible content that’s going down at the end of October. Join Chasen and his expert guests for 3 full days of Real Estate investing brain dump. They’re going to share all their ninja, behind-the-curtains tools, tricks and hacks to help you scale your REI business and dramatically improve your profits.

If you’re absolutely serious about raising the level of your RE investing success into six figures, and for the truly dedicated entrepreneurs, 7 figures and beyond, then grab your reserved seat now for this three-day, 10-expert ZOOM Virtual event that is going to take your REI business into the ProfitZone™!

Chasen has invited 10 REI Super-stars like Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardon, Dean Graziosi, Tarek El Moussa, Ron LeGrand, Pace Morby, Than Merril, Nicole Curtis, Jamil Damji and JJ Azizian to help you double or even 10X your REI business in 2022 and beyond. Register here.

Why are 9 out of 10 first time real estate investors are out of business in less than 2 years? Because they don’t have enough accurate knowledge to make RE investing a profitable and fun venture. The Summit will resolve that for you. There’s going to be no fluff in this Summit. It will all be get-down-and-dirty, authentic, and proven strategies that are working right now all across America.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering for you.

  • How to find money to make cash offers.
  • How to create strategic, low-cost marketing tactics to find new deals.
  • How to find legit Hard Money lenders that are ethical and do WOW work.
  • How to accurately calculate repair costs so you don’t lose money.
  • How to wholesale/assign homes for fast cash flow.
  • How to organize and scale your RE investing business.
  • How to know what to say to sellers, realtors, appraisers and contractors so you don’t fumble your sales pitch.
  • How to use no or low-cost Guerrilla Marketing strategies to find motivated sellers.
  • How to find and hold onto honest and hardworking contractors.
  • How to network your way into an additional 2-5 deals a year.
  • How to seque from residential investments into commercial and step into the big time.
  • How to apply time management tools so you can double your profits in half the time.

Chasen’s 10 experts will be covering all these issues and so much more.

By now you should be really excited to reserve your seat and watch Chasen interview the biggest names in Real Estate Investing as he asks them the most pressing questions that new and old real estate investors want to know in today’s volatile market. To grab your seat, register below before we max out our limited number of attendees. Do it now.

Who is this for? Anyone that is thinking about getting into the very lucrative business of real estate investing. If you’re a newbie and don’t know what you don’t know, Chasen and his expert guests will give you all the beginning knowledge you’ll need to get started right.

If you’ve been in the RE investing business for 1-2 years and are frustrated with all the complicated information you need to know to really kick-start your investing business, Chasen’s experts will take all the mumbo-jumbo industry jargon away and share content in a language any 5th grader can understand. Chasen believes in the KISS theory. Keep It Simple Silly!

If you’ve been in the RE investing business for 3, 5, 10 years or more and want to 2X, 3X, 5X or even 10X your business so you can create a multi-generational legacy, this Summit is for you also.

If you’re truly serious about creating a high-profit, fun and life changing real estate investing business, then you absolutely want to attend this FREE 2-day, 20-expert ZOOM virtual event that can help you build a business that can change your life forever.

Who is this not for? If you’re a wannabee and aren’t totally serious about growing a very profitable real estate investing business, save yourself the time and go change the cat litter or watch another Youtube video. Chasen only wants you to attend if you are dead serious and highly motivated to succeed.

This is also not for the Get Rich Quit types. If you think you can be a millionaire in the next few weeks, sunning yourself on the beaches of Bora Bora, drinking Pina Coladas and swinging in a hammock as the sun sets, this is not for you.

If you are motivated, driven, a go-getter and have a great work ethic… this is for you!

When? July 19 and 20, 2022 from 7AM PST (west coast time, 10AM EST-East coast) and going until approximately 5PM PST/8PM EST. If you can’t attend during these dates, it will be recorded, but you still need to register.


It’s a VIRTUAL event so you don’t have to spend money on plane tickets (up to $1,500), hotels ($500-$1,000), entertainment, food, drinks ($500-$1,000+), transportation, tipping, snacks, sodas, Starbucks, ($500+). You’re saving over $4,000 by just tuning into the Zoom meeting from the comfort of your home with the refrigerator only seconds away AND you get to sleep in your own soft bed. All of this and there is no admission fee. It’s FREE!

Unfortunately, some people think that if its free, the content won’t be good or worth your time. Not true. You’ll be face to face, listening and watching 10 of the top real estate investing experts in America share their secret tips, tools and hacks just so you can learn how to do the same thing. You’ll discover that these brilliant investors all have huge hearts and love to share their knowledge. It’s the Pay-It-Forward mentality that helps make them the special people they are.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a wealthy real estate investor, this is the must attend event of fall 2022. When you register, you’ll get an email with several bonuses that make the price of this event (oh wait, its free) seem like peanuts. Want some hints?

How would you like to know…


  • 1) The top Open Rate email Subject Lines to ensure the emails you send to sellers get opened? Value = $297.
  • 2)Understanding the Top 4 Personality Types of Sellers, so when you meet with them, you’ll be able to magically read their Personality Type and talk to them in their language. Value = $297.
  • 3) How to create your own One Page Marketing Plan? Value $97.
  • 4) The Top Ten Marketing Strategies that have motivated sellers calling you before they call a realtor? Value $297.
  • 5) The Top 5 CRMs (Customer Relations Management) for Real Estate Investors. Your CRM will keep your Lead Generation Pipeline full and organize your follow-up skills so you’ll never lose a deal because it fell between the cracks. Value $297.
  • That’s $1,285 of bonus value for free when you register and attend the REI Marketing Success Summit in fall of 2022.
  • Register now and these business changing bonuses will be yours when we see that you’ve attended.

If you’re ready to kick back and take in some incredible ideas that will help your REI business grow 2X, 5X and possibly 10X or more, and do it in less time with less stress, register now.

Imagine picking the brains of these Rock Star real estate investors and swiping all their best ideas! Of course, you can’t do that unless you attend, so reserve your seat now.

See you there!

CEO – REI Marketing Success and NAOCREI. The National Association Of Certified Real Estate Investors.